Project Description

  • Harwell Village Jubilee Playground Landscape Design
  • Harwell Village Jubilee Playground Landscape Design
  • Harwell Village Jubilee Playground Landscape Design

Project Name:

Harwell Village Jubilee Playground

Project Description:

Following an Annual Parish Meeting, a committee was formed in Harwell Village representing different groups, Youth club, the school, Little Pippins Nursery and other interested parties. The aim was to refurbish the playground which in the previous 30 years had become shabby, worn-out and likely to be vandalised.

We knew that we needed to have professional help, and when the parish council agreed to the scheme and fully backed it we engaged ASA Landscape Architects to assist us.

Carolyn Place from Anthony Stiff Associates, gave us the encouragement we needed, she drew up the plans, advised us about which companies would give up value for money for equipment and recommended to us which companies could do the ground work. She informed us about other play parks in the area which we should look at to see what was available and what may be appropriate for our scheme.

At times when we flagged and lost enthusiasm, particularly when applying for financial support, there was always someone at the end of the phone and often in person to support us and encourage us to try different applications.

We have ended up with a wonderful play park which is used by children who live in our village and also by mothers and children who live in the larger area. Mothers seem to appreciate that it is both safe and stretching for their children. There are areas for very young children, some for older children and some for teenagers. This was our idea but children have their own ideas and use what they feel able to.

Project Details:

Client: Harwell Parish Council

What the client said

We are very glad we were recommended to use Anthony Stiff Associates and would gladly recommend them to anyone else looking for advice and knowledge about building or refurbishing play areas.

Kate Beswick, Vice Chairman of Harwell Parish Council