Project Description

  • Carterton Recreation Ground, Oxfordshire Landscape Design
  • Carterton Recreation Ground, Oxfordshire Landscape Design

Project Name:

Carterton Recreation Ground, Oxfordshire

Project Description:

Regeneration of a tired play area to create a new community space in Carterton town centre.

The Town Council objective was a wholesale regeneration of the park including the replacement of an aging play area and improvement of pedestrian access. An area of concern in the town was a large and sometimes unruly youth element.

Working closely with the council, we planned and undertook an extensive community consultation exercise. This included workshops with youth groups and schools to identify key elements and features they would like to see in the area.

Designs were developed to support grant funding applications from Playbuilder and WREN. Detailed design followed, including consultation with Carterton Youth Council, Oxfordshire Playing Field Association and Thames Valley Police.

We helped to select a suitable contractor and undertook all aspects of the contract administration. The play area was completed on time and opened by MP David Cameron.