Landscape Visual Impact Assessments (LVIA)

Landscape Visual Appraisals (LVA)

Biodiversity Net Gain (BNG)

Strategic Landscape Design/Mitigation

Community/Stakeholder Engagement

Planning Support

Landscape Planning SUPPORT

We are experts in understanding the importance of local landscapes, their character and how to deliver sustainable places that create attractive places for people and ecology.

We believe that we have a strategic role to play in protecting and improving our environment and are best placed to understand, interpret and design settings that reflect the local character, and deliver sustainable places for people and biodiversity.

We can offer landscape planning services, that support a more complex planning applications, enhancing project planning, communication and delivery.

What Services Can We Offer?

  • Site Analysis
  • Landscape Strategy Plans
  • Landscape Visual Impact Assessments and Landscape Visual Appraisals:

    • Standalone LVIA’s and LVA’s
    • LVIA chapters for
    • Environmental Statements
    • Advice on site planning and mitigation design
    • Expert evidence for planning appeals
    • Procurement of verified photography and modelled images (montages)
    • Landscape Mitigation Plans
  • Biodiversity Net Gain: Provision of Landscape Plans and Landscape Ecology Management Plans (LEMPS) in conjunction with Ecologists
  • Supporting the Urban Greening Factor (UGF) assessment process.
  • Heritage and Cultural Landscapes: Designing for historic environments and conservation areas.
  • Recreation and Open Space Planning including designing of LAPs LEAPs and NEAPs as set out by the National Playing Field Association.
  • Residential and mixed-use developments: creating sustainable, residential landscapes and mixed-use schemes; supporting the discharge of landscape planning conditions.
  • Community and Stakeholder Engagement: conducting consultations, participatory workshops, organising public exhibitions and educational outreach activities.
  • Infrastructure Planning: Mitigating the impact of utility infrastructure through strategic design.

Biodiversity Net Gain (BNG) and Landscape and Ecological Management Plans (LEMPs)

We understand the importance of maximising the biodiversity opportunities on a development site and can provide Landscape Plans that can be used for assessment with the BNG metric by an Ecologist.

Furthermore, ASA have experience in delivering Landscape and Ecological Management Plans (LEMP’s) – again collaborating with Ecologists – including details of immediate and long-term obligations for the management, protection and enhancement of habitats around a development site.

Landscape Visual Impact Assessment & Landscape Visual Appraisals

At ASA, we specialise in conducting LVIAs and LVAs for both small and large-scale developments.

Our expertise allows us to provide comprehensive advice to clients on the most effective strategies for mitigating adverse landscape impacts and presenting these issue in planning applications and Environmental Statements.

Whether it is identifying opportunities for landscape enhancement, minimising visual intrusion, or addressing ecological considerations, ASA Landscape Architects are committed to delivering tailored solutions that optimise the environmental performance of all developments.



Eyres Close

Project: Eyres Close We worked for a local developer to secure consent at appeal for a 4 house development on an infill site in the village of Ewelme in Oxfordshire. The site was within the settlement but on the edge of the village and was facing existing housing on a [...]


Cotuit Hall

Project: Cotuit Hall This sensitive urban site required thoughtful architectural and landscape treatments of new and remodelled student accommodation and academy buildings, set within a mature residential area of Headington. The site is steeply sloping and close to existing housing on all four sides. The visual assessment had to take [...]

150 Farnborough Business Park Testimonial
The arrival at building 150 has now been transformed into a dramatic destination at Farnborough Business Park.
Transformation has been achieved through the effective Landscape Design by ASA and a landmark “150” entrance sign, you have arrived at Building 150!
We enjoy working with ASA and I am happy to complete another successful project within the Frasers Property UK portfolio.
Maplewood Chineham Park
ASA Landscape Architects provided the external works design services from inception to planning, tendering and construction; ensuring attention to detail and a client focused approach, which led to a commercial landscape that was delivered on time and budget and one in which has been very well received by prospective occupiers.  
Paul Arnold, Director of atlp consulting. Clientside Development Manager for Maplewood, Chineham Park, Basingstoke.
210 Landscaping - September 2020 testimonial
We are absolutely thrilled with the new pocket park in front of the 200 Series at Winnersh Triangle business park. We have a great relationship with ASA Landscape Architects which has developed over time and through a number of large commercial projects. They listened and understood our vision and constraints; delivering a scheme that surpassed our expectations.
James Atack, Senior Development Manager, Frasers Property, Winnersh Triangle 200 Series Pocket Park

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