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Landscape Maintenance Solutions

At ASA, we excel in creating and maintaining attractive, biodiverse landscapes through strategic, long-term management.

Our approach ensures sustainable, successful environments, that thrive over time.

We understand the challenges of landscape management and offer innovative solutions to tackle them. With extensive experience in managing landscape maintenance contracts for business and science parks, we bring our expertise to support facility managers, maximizing the value of landscape assets.

What sets us apart?

  • People: We have a service that supports and eases the burden on Facilities and Estate managers. We are experienced in real life landscape maintenance and understand the relationships and practicalities of running and managing a landscape maintenance contract.
  • We have been managing landscape maintenance contracts for over 20 years. Using specialist software we manage contracts from tender through to operation.
  • Experience: Our seasoned team bring years of expertise to every project, guaranteeing high-quality results.
  • Technology: We use NBS Landscape to create specifications. The industry standard ensures familiarity and transparency for contractors. We integrate that with bespoke site objectives ensuring that your aspirations and clearly understood and met.
  • We use Arc GIS, a cloud-based mapping and analysis software. We build interactive maps of sites which include all of the external landscape features both hard and soft.
  • This becomes an organisational tool to store visual and technical data about the landscape asset. We help you to understand what you have, enable you to share maps, collaborate with others easily and work with your data to improve the landscape management.
  • Innovation: We continually seek out and implement innovative methods to stay ahead in landscape management. We focus on sustainability and biodiversity whilst integrating it into practical spaces for people.

Who would benefit the most from our services ?

Facilities and Estate Managers of business, science parks and campuses. Allow experts in landscape maintenance relieve the pressure of an underperforming landscape. We can carry out regular, documented, landscape maintenance inspections. In addition we can prepare landscape improvement designs which can be priced and planned for within annual budgets.

We are committed to transforming and maintaining landscapes that are not only visually attractive but also ecologically rich and sustainable. Contact us to experience the difference in our strategic, technology-driven, and innovative approach to landscape management.



Farnborough Business Park Landscape Management

Project: Farnborough Business Park ASA are proud to have supported, in conjunction with CBRE, the management of the Landscape Maintenance contract at Milton Park for over 20 years. This premium Science Park is the UK’s largest single ownership business community and has a well-established landscape, which encompasses lagoons [...]


Winnersh Triangle Business Park Landscape Management

Project: Winnersh Triangle Bussiness Park Working with Frasers Property and MAPP since 2019, ASA has supported the Facilities Management team at Winnersh Triangle Business Park to deliver the maintenance of an exceptional landscape. With 30% of the business park dedicated to green space—encompassing nature trails, green roofs, meadows, [...]


Chineham Business Park Landscape Management

Project: Chineham Business Park For almost 15 years, ASA has partnered with MAPP and Frasers to support the Facilities Management team at Chineham Business Park. With an excellent working relationship, ASA has supported the management of the comprehensive landscape, which includes Ancient Woodland, nature walks, ponds, green walls, pocket-parks [...]

GIS Landscape Assets Mapping Tool

We have developed a GIS (Geographical Information System) to assist larger clients in managing their landscape assets. We have developed this technique to increase the understanding of the landscape assets, its quality and need for renewal, the inputs and long term costs that are required to manage it.
We have also applied this technique to business parks which benefit from having long term strategies in place for resource planning, and identifying components for landscape maintenance including for example KPIs.

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150 Farnborough Business Park Testimonial
Milton Park has had a long and successful relationship working with ASA Landscape Architects. Drawing upon their expertise to deliver a consistent and cohesive approach to landscape maintenance and design has proved invaluable. Now more than ever we are challenged by our client and occupiers to deliver attractive and biodiverse green spaces across the park, which is a key objective we set ASA Landscape Architects. Utilising new and existing green spaces goes a long way to attracting and retaining occupiers, whilst creating opportunities for informal networking. From an FM perspective we have found the instruction of a landscape architect a huge benefit in maximising the landscaping and creating a point of difference in a very competitive market/em> 


We have assisted our clients and facility managers in applying for standards and awards, such as:

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