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ASA Landscape Architects are an award-winning team, bringing vibrancy, innovation and nuance to design projects for over thirty years.

We are passionate about designing spaces that foster connections between people and their surroundings and recognise that design can positively impact the environments in which we live and work in. An approach that can only be achieved through designing for biodiversity, community and green and blue infrastructure.

From feasibility and concept design, through to detailed design and construction, we bring a wealth of experience that will help our clients deliver beautiful and functional designs that, leave a positive impact for people and the environment.

What Services Can We Offer?

  • Feasibility Studies: Comprehensive analysis to assess the practicality and potential success of a landscape scheme, to inform the decision-making process.
  • Concept Design: Development of ideas, layouts and visualisations, considering spatial organisation, functionality, aesthetics and ecology, serving as a foundation for subsequent detailed design.
  • Detailed Design: Development of the concept plan, for planning/tender/construction. Encompassing drawings, specifications and schedules, providing a technical guide for implementation.
  • Tender Support: From supporting the QS team on complex projects, to assisting clients with tendering on smaller schemes, ensuring the right people are in place to deliver an outstanding landscape scheme.
  • Construction: Working client-side or with the contractor, providing close supervision to ensure adherence to the contract documents and a responsive service to overcome unforeseen challenges.
  • Handover: Upon completion of the construction and handover to the client, provision of a thorough review of the completed work, ensuring it aligns with the design specifications, capturing snags and ensuring rectification is completed.
  • Maintenance: Upon completion of a development project, we can support the continued management of the landscape assets, to ensure they perform over time.

The Bee House

Project: The Bee House Working closely with the MEPC, SRA Architects, Stantec, Charlton Abbot Forestry and Barnwood Contractors to transform Building 140, ASA has designed a landscape which retro-fits sustainability and creates a more welcoming space to occupiers. Car-parking was removed adjacent to the new frontage, allowing for the [...]

Maplewood Chineham Park

ASA Landscape Architects provided the external works design services from inception to planning, tendering and construction; ensuring attention to detail and a client focused approach, which led to a commercial landscape that was delivered on time and budget and one in which has been very well received by prospective occupiers.  

Paul Arnold, Director of atlp consulting. Clientside Development Manager for Maplewood, Chineham Park, Basingstoke.
winnersh testimonial

We are absolutely thrilled with the new pocket park in front of the 200 Series at Winnersh Triangle business park. We have a great relationship with ASA Landscape Architects which has developed over time and through a number of large commercial projects. They listened and understood our vision and constraints; delivering a scheme that surpassed our expectations.

James Attack, Senior Development Manager, Frasers Property, Winnersh Triangle 200 Series Pocket Park

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