Project Description

  • Nosterfield Wind Farm Landscape & Environmental Assessment
  • Nosterfield Wind Farm Landscape & Environmental Assessment

Project Name:

Nosterfield Wind Farm

Project Description:

We were appointed by an individual householder to appeal against a single large 78m high turbine on the border of Cambridgeshire and Suffolk. We were able to demonstrate that this development would cause significant harm to a highly sensitive and deeply rural landscape; with limited capacity to absorb change of this scale. The development was shown to affect this timeless landscape up to 3km away, thus affecting landscape designations and leisure users.

Won on Appeal

Project Team:

Anthony Stiff
Anthony Stiff

What the client said:

Dear Anthony,

We have just been advised by the Council that the period for appealing the decision of the Inspector on technical grounds has now expired. The turbine will not be built.

On behalf of all the family thank you so much for making your skills and experience available to us. We have no doubt that without you and Lisa Foster we would have failed to persuade the Council and Inspector of the absurdity of the proposal.

Annie and I were impressed by your report: its clarity, professionalism and relevance were appreciated. You appeared personally to share our view on the illogicality of the proposed location of the turbine.

If you are ever nearby do let us know and call in.

It was also a pleasure dealing with you and we would definitely recommend you and your firm to others and use your services again.

With best wishes and sincere thanks,

Nigel T